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  3D INDUSTRY NEWS New Division: Wilson Tool Additive
Wilson Tool International, a manufac- turer of tooling systems for punch presses and press brakes, and punch and die components for the stamping and tablet- ing industries, has announced a new divi- sion: Wilson Tool Additive. This new divi- sion and its additive-manufacturing (AM) capabilities will provide the ability to sup- ply made-to-order bending tools and fab- rication support parts in only hours, according to company officials.
Wilson Tool’s Bend3DTM line of AM
bending tools reportedly match the
quality of traditional steel press-brake tools used to bend sheetmetal. They also work as forming and air-bending tools as well as mark-free bending implements. Its Solv3DTM line of AM support parts can replace end-use parts traditionally manufac- tured out of steel or plastic. They can replace items in a shop that often require cre- ation of an expensive mold, replace jigs or fixtures, and be used as prototypes.
AM production facility in Camarillo, CA, has achieved AS9100 Rev D certification for its quality-management system. Cal- Ram employs powder-bed fusion additive technologies to manufacture parts for the aerospace, defense, power genera- tion, and oil and gas industries. CalRam previously achieved National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program certification to produce aero- space parts using electron-beam and laser powder-bed fusion technologies.
Midwest Prototyping Acquires Tenere, Expands to CO
AM service bureau Midwest Prototyp- ing has announced plans to expand its services to Colorado. The Wisconsin- headquartered corporation made the announcement after acquiring custom metal- and plastic-component manufac- turer Tenere Inc.’s rapid-prototyping division. The acquisition came as a solu- tion to provide rapid-prototyping servic- es for Colorado after Tenere ceased such services.
“We intend to continue providing all of the services that were available at Tenere and will be able to introduce the newer offerings from HP and Carbon that we’ve been using in our Wisconsin facility for the last couple years,” says Steve Grundahl, president and founder of Midwest Prototyping.
Kaiser Aluminum Acquires Imperial Machine & Tool
Kaiser Aluminum Corp, Foothill Ranch, CA, has acquired Imperial Machine & Tool Co., a Columbia, NJ-based provider of AM and machining technologies for aerospace and defense, automotive, high-tech, and general industrial applica- tions. Imperial has expertise in alu- minum, titanium, tantalum, molybde- num, nickel alloys, tungsten, cobalt chromium and stainless steel.
    GE-Led Consortium Looks to 3D Print Naval Replacement Parts
GE Aviation, GE Additive and a con- sortium of companies—Honeywell, Penn State University, Lawrence Liver- more National Lab, Nuclear National Lab, and the National Center for Defense Manufacturing and Machin- ing—understand the importance of fast, precise repair of military vehicles, as evidenced by their commitment to a $9- million Navy-funded project expected to last 4 yr. The GE Global Research program looks to produce replacement parts for Navy aircraft and ships using laser powder-bed fusion technology and embedded sensors.
“We are going to embed sensors to actively inform the user about what is going on as the part is being built layer by layer, and when certain defects occur,” says Ade Makinde, principal engineer for additive technologies at GE Global Research and project leader. Makinde says that the 3D printer could self-correct if the sensors detect prob- lems, ensuring the level of accuracy nec- essary for military applications.
Sintavia Adds Printers, More on Way
Sintavia, LLC, a Tier-One metal-AM pro- ducer, announced that it added two AM machines—a Trumpf TruPrint 3000 and an EOS M400-4—to its fleet of inhouse print- ers, now totaling nine. The company expects to add a 10th printer later by year’s end, and 10 more in 2019 after moving into a new facility next spring.
Aerospace AM-Part Cert. for Carpenter Technology
Carpenter Technology Corp., a Philadelphia, PA-based producer of pre- mium, specialty alloy-based solutions for the aerospace industry and other key markets, announced that its CalRam, LLC
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