Oqton Software to Power Eplus3D Printers via Digital Dental Workflow

May 27, 2022

Software provider Oqton announced a strategic partnership with Eplus3D, a supplier of metal 3D printing machines, whereby Oqton’s artificial-intelligence AI-powered Manufacturing OS platform will be made available to users of Eplus3D’s metal 3D printers to provide full traceability and automation in dental manufacturing applications.

Challenges in dental applications: the patient-specific nature of dental restorations, coupled with a lack of qualified personnel and the need for time-consuming, repetitive workflows, as well as regulations and certifications such as the EU Medical Device Regulation and ISO-13485 that require end-to-end traceability of machines, people and material, at every step of the dental workflow. Oqton’s Manufacturing OS reportedly allows Eplus3D’s users to have full transparency and traceability across the production workflow through manufacturing execution system and machine-monitoring capabilities.

Oqton’s Manufacturing OS automates the end-to-end workflow, from initial design to preparing files for production, which helps reduce person-power requirements, according to company officials. The software also includes high-density layered nesting and interlocking 3D nesting of removable partial denture frames, reportedly allowing the fit of more parts in a build, as well as optimized support strategies that require less post-processing time. Manufacturing OS also enables scheduling and planning for a user’s workforce, machines and material across multiple production sites with full version history to facilitate regulatory compliance.

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