University of Utah Team Wins Aluminum-AM Heat Sink Challenge

July 19, 2021

A team of University of Utah students has won the 2021 ASME/K16 and IEEE/EPS Heat Sink Design Challenge, an international competition where students competed to design an additively manufactured aluminum natural-convection heat sink that provided maximum performance. The heat sink had to be designed to operate at as low a temperature as possible for as low a cost as possible. The University of Utah team competed against 21 other teams.

“The 2021 competition involved designing a forced convection heat sink,” says team member Bence Csontos, “so after our initial research phase we began designing a forced convection heat sink to practice what we learned from research papers. We also toured a local AM company to get a sense for the limitations of AM to consider in our design process. We arrived at a pin fin shaped heat sink that had a series of revolved airfoils stack on top of one another to maximize surface area, minimize mass which reduced cost, and utilized principles in fluid mechanics and heat transfer physics.”


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Technologies: Powder-Bed Systems, Software


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