nTopology Updates Software’s Lattice-Generation Capabilities

June 13, 2022

nTopology-lattice-generation-softwareEngineering-software provider nTopology, via launch of its third-generation latticing technology, has updated its lattice-generation capabilities. The new latticing tools, according to company officials, are easy to use, faster than before and offer greater control over complex lattice structures.

Key capabilities:

  • Custom graph-unit cells—Sketch custom unit cells and define the associated design parameters, including beam thickness, length, filet radii and more.
  • Conformal lattice structures—Expanded conformal lattice-generation capabilities complement the existing conformal latticing tools, enabling design of lattice cell maps that conform to multiple surfaces or organic volumes.
  • Field-driven lattice optimization—The testing of new tools will enable users to generate automatically lattice structures optimized for specific engineering requirements, such as targeted stiffness or weight.
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