New Version of AM Simulation Suite Speeds Design Time, Reduces Waste

July 11, 2019

AlphaStar Corp. has released Version 9 of its additive manufacturing (AM) simulation suite Genoa 3DP. The suite uses multi-scale progressive failure analysis to simulate the AM process from material characterization to process simulation and in-service qualification of a printed part.

Genoa 3DP v9, as described by AlphaStar officials, accurately predicts deformation, residual stress and damage initiation, and also determines voids, warpage and other manufacturing anomalies seen in 3D printing. Additionally, Genoa 3DP allows end users to assess material and process-parameter sensitivities, thus significantly reducing trial and error, material waste and engineering time. This particular release reportedly improves user-friendliness, enhances coupling with commercial finite element analysis (FEA) solvers and introduces the addition of two new modules: PathCoverage and TMg. A print-path-error management tool, PathCoverage visualizes and accounts for problematic regions of printed parts. TMg, a thermal-management tool, quickly and accurately predicts thermal history, material states, and dynamic evolution of melt-pool and heat affected zones, according to AlphaStar officials, while identifying stable and unstable zones during the print process. Additional new features in Genoa 3DP v9 include metal as well as polymer AM support, support of external mesh from FEA software, design of experiment via the Surrogate Modeling Optimization tool, and prediction and incorporation of temperature-dependent 3D printed material properties. To ease use, the software includes more than 30 step-by-step tutorials.


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