New Simulation Module in AM Data and Build-Prep Software

April 4, 2019

Materialise USA, L.L.C. presented at AMUG 2019 on using simulation to reduce costs in metal additive manufacturing (AM). The company’s recently released Magics 23 data and build-preparation software allows users to create self-supporting honeycomb structures, preview and analyze structures, and have full control over orientations on build platforms.

Magics 23 features an improved simulation module designed to reduce the number of failed metal builds by showing potential build errors before they occur, without making users switch to a separate specialized application. The module, tailored to the metal-AM process and providing simulation within the Magics environment, creates virtual prototypes, employing Simufact’s simulation technology combined with Materialise’s AM expertise and software backbone. Reportedly simple to use, the module does not require simulation or AM expertise, and provides rapid, robust simulations on a normal workstation. The module can simulate the overall deformation of a part after printing, and predicts the risk of shrink lines and their locations as well as the risk of recoater contact that can result in warped parts. Another feature: insight into risks related to support structure and suggestions on areas where support reinforcement may be needed.

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