Tier One Racecar Supplier Selects Velo3D to Print Next-Gen Heat Exchangers

October 4, 2019

Velo3D, a Campbell, CA-based provider of metal additive manufacturing (AM) solutions has announced a collaborative partnership with Australia-based PWR, a global provider of cooling solutions for F1, NASCAR and other racing series—as well as the custom-automotive OEM, military and aerospace industries.

The Velo3D and PWR collaboration aims to set a new standard in heat-transfer parts for racing and industrial cooling applications. The two companies will collaborate on aluminum alloy designs with thinner and more-complex heat exchange features and best-in-class surface finishes. PWR will have the first production Sapphire 3D metal printer in the Asia Pacific region.

 “The Sapphire printer demonstrated the ability to produce class-leading thin-wall capabilities and high-quality surfaces with zero porosity,” says Matthew Bryson, general manager, engineering, for PWR. “Heat-exchanger weight and pressure-drop characteristics have a huge impact on performance and are significant factors in all motorsport categories,” he continues. “Using AM to print lightweight structures, and enhancing performance with freedom-of-design, gives us the ability to further optimize these characteristics to the customer’s requirements while providing the necessary cooling.”

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