KAM Adds Two EOS Printers, Now Houses 20 AM Machines

August 31, 2022

KAM-EOSBolstering its arsenal of additive manufacturing (AM) machines, Keselowski Advanced Manufacturing (KAM) has installed two large-platform EOS M400-4 metal printers. This brings to 20 the number of AM machines on the KAM shop floor, including five large-format EOS units. The AM machines operate alongside 12 multi-axis CNC machine tools that enable KAM to offer integrated-manufacturing capability.

This increase in large-format printers parallels the recent industry demand surge for large metal hypersonic parts, heat exchangers, turbomachinery and monolithic components designed for space, aerospace and defense applications, according to KAM officials.

"One of the biggest challenges to our industry is in building end-user confidence in the manufacturing supply chain,” says Brad Keselowski, KAM owner and founder. “The rapid growth in both volume and size of AM parts must be answered with a corresponding increase in machine bandwidth, material availability and finishing capability.” 

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