Improved Process for Material Handling Enhances 3D Printing

November 3, 2017

EOS unveiled its material-handling solution, the IPCM M pro module. The module is made for the EOS M 290 AM system, which is equipped with a process chamber door with coupling points to connect the IPCM M and material containers. Using the IPCM M, material not fused during the build process is directly conveyed out of the AM system, without opening the process chamber door so that the operator has no direct contact with the material.

A vacuum pump removes the powder from the system and into the IPCM M, where it is sieved under inert gas within the module at a throughput of 120 kg of material in 30 min., 50 percent faster than previous solutions, and the powder is reused for future builds. Large volumes of material can be sieved and conveyed quickly while reducing manual tasks, and because the module is mobile, it can be used for multiple systems.



See also: EOS of North America, Inc.

Technologies: Powder-Bed Systems


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