Bulk-To-Shape Technology a Quick Path to Printing Quality Metal Parts

March 7, 2016

Fonon Corp., Lake Mary, FL, has unveiled its bulk-to-shape technology, an umbrella of 3D-printing technologies the firm says represents a “transformational approach to industrial, application-specific metal additive manufacturing.” The new technology enables manufacturers to reliably integrate 3D metal printing into full production environments, and demonstrates a potentially disruptive shift in industrial manufacturing.

While first-generation 3D metal printing has transformed the prototyping process by shrinking cycle times and reducing development costs, Fonon representatives say that the new bulk-to-shape technology provides a cost-effective method for developing application-specific 3D metal-printing tools. The technology combines proprietary processes with an understanding of the molecular behavior of materials under transitional temperatures, and intellectual property related to developing metal laser-sintering equipment. The result is the ability to bridge the gap between prototyping and full production.

“Medical, aviation, automotive and space-industry metal-printing experts use a measurement system called manufacturing-readiness level (MRL) to classify additive-manufacturing machines,” says Fonon vice president Louis Schlegel. “While an MRL of 10 represents machines ready for production, currently available systems have been classified with an MRL of 4 to 6. We believe that bulk-to-shape technology is the quickest path to achieving an MRL of 10.” Manufacturing Readiness Level Ten.



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