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November 1, 2016

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BE Informed
Do you have confidence in your AM parts?

Nikon Metrology is a global leader in the field of X-Ray/CT. In North America we are ideally situated to offer a vast array of systems and service to suit your needs and budget. Whether you are looking for X-Ray contract services, small cabinets systems for electronic and plastic components, industrial systems for metals, ceramics and alloys, or configurable large envelope CT scanning systems our machines are ready for any challenge.

Nikon's unique high power micro focus technology allows you to see a level of detail unparalleled by other suppliers. If you want to build confidence in your AM parts then consider making Nikon your long term X-Ray CT partner.


Interested in Learning More? Here are some real world examples;

X-Ray Em Blast Working with NIST on Characterization of Defects and design flaws in Metal Additive Manufacturing (AM) Parts with X-Ray Computed Tomography (XCT). Metal Additive Manufacturing (AM) has great potential to revolutionize manufacturing industries, but a reliable method to detect defects in AM-produced parts with complex internal structures must be developed prior to its widespread adoptions. Click here to read more.
X-Ray Em Blast Application of X-ray CT for Quality Control in Additive Manufacturing. X-ray computed tomography (CT) provides a quantitative visualization of object layer by layer as well as in 3D and this makes the CT technology particularly useful for studying the outcome of an additive manufacturing (AM) process. Click here to read more.

Contact our team today to discuss your application or set up a demonstration. For contract services call 810-220-4308 and for systems call 800-552-6648 or email for all your inquiries.


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