Automatic Support Removal for XJet Parts

September 15, 2021

XJet-Finishing-RAPID-TCTAt RAPID + TCT…XJet debuted SMART (Support Material Automatic Removal Technology), which automates support removal off of parts printed via the company’s NanoParticle Jetting (NPJ) systems. SMART offers a selection of washing programs to fit specific part trays, and completes support removal in a matter of 2-4 hr., according to Dror Danai, XJet chief business officer, who detailed the technology for 3D Metal Printing and noted the user-friendly process.

XJet’s support-removal system reportedly decreases support-removal time by as much as 90 percent as compared to manual removal, while ensuring repeatable removal and finishing results. Currently, the system is available for ceramic parts produced via XJet additive manufacturing machines, with systems available metal-parts cleaning following the commercial debut of XJet metal AM machines in 2022, according to XJet officials.  

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