Advanced Powders and Coatings and Avio Aero Partner

July 26, 2018

GE Additive has announced that its materials division, AP&C, located in Montreal, Canada, has acquired the gas atomizer equipment currently installed at the aviation company Avio Aero’s plant in Cameri Italy. This new technology complements AP&C’s proprietary Advanced Plasma Atomization (APATM) process with plans to be operational by March 2019.

“Having this in the AP&C portfolio opens up wider possibilities for us as a business and also for our customers,” says Alain Dupont, president & CEO, AP&C. 

 “The equipment moving to Canada means more volume and capabilities at our Cameri plant, [including] 3D-printing machines,” says Giacomo Vessia, Cameri plant leader, Avio Aero. “In addition to focusing on additive processes we will have the time and space to train and equip our existing and new team members with future manufacturing skills.”

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