6K Awarded for Environmentally Friendly Powder Production via UniMelt Process

August 18, 2021

6K announced that its UniMelt plasma production system received a Top Product of the Year Award from Environment + Energy Leader magazine. The selection recognizes 6K’s ability to produce and deliver additive manufacturing (AM) and energy-storage powders in an environmentally friendly way compared to existing powder production technologies serving these markets.

“UniMelt’s unique ability to leverage scrap material as a feedstock and turn it into high-value powder is just one example of our clean production approach,” says Bruce Bradshaw, 6K chief marketing officer, while expressing the company’s gratitude for the award. “UniMelt’s environmentally friendly process lowers greenhouse gases, uses significantly less energy and produces zero wastewater, creating a pathway to a circular or sustainable economy with performance material production.”

6K recently announced creation of the Battery Center of Excellence that will accommodate 10 UniMelt systems to support full-scale development of materials for fast charging and other uses. 6K’s Additive division also recently completed its Global Manufacturing facility, adding 45,000 sq. ft. of lights-out powder-production capabilities for tungsten, Ti64, Ni718/625 and stainless steel 316L/17-4.


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Technologies: Metal Powders


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