Oerlikon Metco Offers Materials Optimized for Additive Manufacturing

October 20, 2016

Oerlikon Metco has expanded its materials portfolio with novel, superalloy powders optimized for new applications in laser-based and electron-beam additive-manufacturing processes. In keeping with recent developments in the fabrication of components by additive manufacturing processes, such as laser sintering, laser melting, laser metal deposition and electron-beam melting, Oerlikon Metco has expanded its R&D and materials-engineering competency to support customers producing components using those processes.

For key applications, superalloy materials are preferred for their strength and corrosion resistance at high temperatures. Oerlikon Metco has been involved in multiple projects to correlate materials, manufacturing processes and metallurgical mechanisms to create tailored materials for additive manufacturing. The company, which can custom-design materials, markets optimized alloys such as MetcoClad 718, MetcoClad 625 and MetcoClad 625F. Powder manufacturing activities include initial prototype quantities, pilot production lots, and scale-up to produce and deliver enough powder to support laser-based and electron-beam additive-manufacturing applications.



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Technologies: Metal Powders


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