3Diligent Introduces New Service Options

October 20, 2016

3Diligent, El Segundo, CA, a services marketplace for professional and industrial 3D printing, has introduced 3Diligent Direct, which provides turnkey support for every step of the 3D-printing process—from request for quote (RFQ) through delivery. The service proves ideal for manufacturers who have confidential projects, less-defined procurement needs, or simply require additional support. It provides project management from start to finish, eliminating the hassles associated with managing all of the providers needed to optimally complete various printing projects.

In addition, the firm’s existing 3Diligent Marketplace also features free and premium subscription levels for fast, affordable access to 3D-printing machines and materials. Using the free service, manufacturers can submit an RFQ and receive a number of bids from 3D-printing vendors with entry-level “prosumer” machines and materials. It is designed for fast turnaround projects and idea vetting, where tight tolerances and specialized finishes are not critical.

For $99/month, users can opt for the premium service. Here, RFQs are shared with outstanding fabricators carrying professional and industrial equipment. Clients will receive multiple bids for their projects, with access to a complete range of materials, machines, finishes and achievable tolerances.

The 3Diligent online platform for rapid manufacturing utilizes a proprietary algorithm to give manufacturers and product designers instant access to a network of qualified service providers and rapid quotes. For a list of materials, processes, and finishes available on the marketplace, visit www.3diligent.com/rapid-manufacturing-3d-printing-information.



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