Terry Wohlers, industry-renowned expert and principal consultant and president of Wohlers Associates, who has authored 435 books, articles and technical papers and has given 165 keynote presentations on six continents, steps into the conference spotlight on Tuesday, September 14, at 9 a.m. During his presentation, An Industry 30+ Years in the Making, Wohlers will provide a perspective of the past to better understand the future; discuss the obstacles that prevent organizations from realizing the benefits of AM; and offer advice on what companies can do to take advantage of what AM has to offer.

Photo B RAPID + TCT ConferenceOther Tuesday presentations:

  • Additively Manufactured 7050 Aluminum using Laser-Powder Bed Fusion
  • New & Emerging Trends in Design for Additive Simulation
  • Surface Finishing of Additive Manufactured Nickel-Based Superalloys Liquid Rocket Channel Nozzles
  • The Cost of Metal AM Post Processing: A Case Study
  • Employing Metal Additive to Supercharge Your Injection Mold Tooling
  • Optimization of Cast Metal Parts Using Simulation and Additive Manufacturing.

Wednesday, September 15, sessions kick off with How Technology is Changing Healthcare, presented by Mark Wehde, chair, Mayo Clinic Engineering. “We are well into the beginning of the fourth industrial revolution… the digital platform revolution,” the abstract reads. “A significant beneficiary of this is Healthcare 4.0, which refers to the shift from traditional hospital-centric care to a more virtual, distributed care that heavily leverages the latest technologies around artificial intelligence, deep learning, data analytics, genomics, home-based healthcare, robotics and 3D printing of tissue and implants. This session will explore how these new technologies are going to change how we care for our patients.”

Wednesday presentations also include:

  • Stepping Through the Additive Manufacturing Workflow for Part Qualification
  • Metal Powder Recycling
  • Army Additive Manufacturing Update for Autonomous Ground Vehicles
  • Advancing Additive Manufacturing with Functional Generative Design.

Learn more about the event and plan to attend by visiting www.rapid3devent.com. And, please stop by the 3D Metal Printing booth, E7049, to say hi! 3DMP

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