Additive Manufacturing a Priority in EU-U.S. Trade Talks

March 12, 2019

CECIMO, the European Association for the additive manufacturing sector, says it welcomes the European Union’s (EU) commitment to keep additive manufacturing (AM) as one of the priorities in EU-U.S. talks for a trade deal on industrial goods. At present, non-tariff barriers in the EU-US trade of AM solutions that generate financial and administrative burdens for exporter include lengthy processes to establish rules of origin for products, responsible for additional costs and custom delays.

"Addressing double-certification issues would boost the growth of AM solutions in both economies,” says Stewart Lane, chairman of the CECIMO AM Committee. “The fact that AM has been singled out in the trade discussions right from the beginning is a sign of its importance for industrial trade today.

 “Our aim is to ensure negotiations progress and deliver a final trade deal that improve access of European AM companies to the U.S. market,",adds Roland Feichtl, CECIMO president.

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