New Repeat-Customer Orders for Optomec AM Systems Suggests Return of Industry Investment

July 7, 2021

Optomec reports $7 million in new additive manufacturing (AM)-system orders from existing customers, including more than 10 systems as well as software products and digital process recipes.

One $500,000 order of two printed-electronics AM machines, reportedly for a major defense-electronics OEM, brings the OEM’s total fleet to 10 Optomec Aerosol Jet systems with most slated for advanced semiconductor-packaging operations.

In another case, a top-tier supplier of maintenance, repair and overhaul services for gas-turbine engines added a fifth production system for the restoration of turbine blades. This $1-million 3D metal printer suggests a return to investment for the aviation sector, according to Optomec officials.

“We have seen a marked increase in business activity over the last few months, following the COVID-19 peak case count in the first quarter,” says David Ramahi, Optomec CEO.

Optomec provides its Aerosol Jet systems for printed electronics and Lens and Huffman-brand 3D printers for metal components.


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