EOS, Sauber Technologies Partner on AM Tech for Formula One and More

May 24, 2022

EOS-Sauber-Formula-One-Polymer-P-500With the recent Formula One (F1) Grand Prix in Barcelona, Spain, as a backdrop, EOS has signed a 3-yr. additive manufacturing (AM) technology partnership with Sauber Technologies, which provides engineering and production of innovative parts for motorsports and other applications. The partnership initially will focus on the constant optimization and manufacturing of aerodynamic spoiler designs, end-use parts for race cars and production aids. The aim: jointly expanding the use of AM in motorsports and beyond. 

Very short F1 innovation cycles require variants of a part to be adjusted and manufactured quickly under high competitive pressure. Goals here include designs that improve speed, reduce weight and increase safety.

AM provides an ideal fit for meeting these goals in short development and production cycles.

“We see AM applications in F1 for both prototyping and serial production where reproducible part quality is key,“ says Markus Glasser, senior vice president EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) at EOS. „Together with Sauber we are aiming to set new benchmarks here. With more serial AM applications in F1, automation will be essential, too, enabling higher productivity and reduced costs per part.“

As part of the partnership, Sauber initially will install an EOS P 500 polymer-based AM machine.

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