3D Printing Can Accelerate Motorcycle Product Development

March 5, 2018

GK Sinter Metals, in a recent blog, states that while 3D printing for high-end markets such as aerospace continues to garner attention, there is value for metal additive manufacturing (AM) in motorcycles and off-highway vehicles such as dirt bikes and snowmobiles. The Worcestershire, England-based supplier of powder-metal components, cites three key factors that make metal AM well suited for such applications:
- Volume. The lower volumes in the motorcycle industry put this market within reach of the higher productivity AM machines
- Flexibility. OEMs are offering a wide variety of models and personal customizations and are under pressure to bring bikes to market even faster than before- Size. Motorcycles and OHVs are smaller than most of their traditional automotive counterparts. In turn, the individual components on a bike are also smaller, which make them a good fit for metal AM.
For more, http://sintermedia.gkn.com/blog/.

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