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GE to Develop Competitive Financing to Stimulate Growth in 3D Metal Printing

Friday, February 10, 2017

GE Additive announced plans to collaborate with GE Capital to sell and finance metal-additive machines, providing industry access to 3D-printing technology and spurring growth in several critical industrial markets including medical, aerospace, automotive and machining. GE Capital will develop a range of customized financial solutions for its customers, according to Trevor Schauenberg, president and CEO of GE Capital Industrial Finance. “Additive manufacturing is a key contributor to the manufacturing evolution; we're excited to enable its growth,” he says.

“Additive manufacturing is the new revolution,” adds Mohammad Ehteshami, vice president for additive integration at GE Additive, “changing the way we design and manufacture products. By partnering with GE Capital, we're now able to democratize additive manufacturing, making it easier for businesses to buy additive machines, fostering their competitiveness and accelerating the adoption rate."



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