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3D Systems Launches ProX DMP 320 for Precision, High-Throughput Direct Metal Printing

Monday, March 7, 2016
3D Systems ProX DMP 320

3D Systems, Rock Hill, SC, introduced the ProX DMP 320 direct metal 3D printer, optimized for critical applications requiring complex, chemically pure titanium, stainless steel or nickel superalloy parts. With exchangeable manufacturing modules, the ProX DMP 320 supports rapid material change or replenishment, the company says, allowing manufacturers to keep pace with demanding production cycles and enabling efficient powder recycling. The printer also features preset build parameters developed from the outcome of hundreds of thousands of builds, providing predictable and repeatable print quality for virtually any geometry.

The ProX DMP 320 offers a 275mm by 275 by 420-mm build volume, and comes in two configurations, one optimized for titanium and one for stainless-steel and nickel superalloys. Included is centralized maintenance management, reduced argon-gas consumption and serial manufacturing workflow support.

3rd Dimension, an additive manufacturer in Indianapolis, IN, served as a beta site for the new machine. Says CEO Bob Markley:

“We have been using the ProX DMP 320 to make titanium parts and are impressed by the high throughput, ease of use, consistency of output and overall part quality. Combined with our existing 3D Systems’ ProX 200 and ProX 300 machines, we can provide our customers with the optimal part from the optimal metal alloy, to meet the demands of every application.”


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