3D Metal Printing magazine is delivered quarterly to more than 25,000 readers—5000 print copies and 20,500 digital copies distributed around the world. From new metal-alloy materials (powder, wire and more) to finishing, and including quality control, and other processes related to metal additive manufacturing (AM), 3D Metal Printing regularly explores the technology and conveys it to our vast audience of designers, engineers, executives and others. Our reach extends to every industry where applications for metal AM are growing—medical, mold tooling, aerospace, automotive, power generation and more.

Our list of readers is impressive, and includes those from Airbus, American Axle, Apple Computer, Avery Dennison, Bentley Group, Black & Decker, Boeing Company, Bombardier Aerospace, Borg-Warner Automotive Transmission, Delphi Diesel Systems, Eaton Aerospace, Ford Motor Co., GE Healthcare, GKN Aerospace Lockheed Martin, Medtronic, Northrup Grumman, Rolls-Royce North American Technologies, Pratt & Whitney and many more. More than 25 percent of our readers work in company management (5100+), and 60 percent work in design, production and engineering (13,000+).

2021 Media Guide

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Questions with an Expert

Smart content marketers know that their employees—the technology experts—have stories to tell that can position their company as a leader in the metal-AM market and sell their brand. Work with our editorial team on a 5 Questions piece to let your experts become your brand ambassadors―help them and your company gain influence in the metal-AM market.

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3D Metal Printing magazine allows authors, article subjects and others to purchase reprints of published articles. Let us know if you want hard copies of our articles, to distribute to customers, salespeople or at trade shows. And, we also can provide e-prints (electronic copies of articles) for reposting to your website.

Note: Posting the full text of a 3D Metal Printing magazine article online is a violation of copyright rules, unless we’ve granted permission to do so, or reprints/e-prints have been purchased. Otherwise, we do allow posting of an article’s headline and summary, with a link to the original source.

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