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John E. Barnes
, Founder & Managing Director, The Barnes Group Advisors, CEO TBG Training
Cullen Hilkene
, CEO, 3Diligent
Alex Huckstepp, VP, Business Development, Digital Aloys
Howard Kuhn, Retired, Adjunct Professor at University of Pittsburgh

John Barnes

John E. Barnes

Founder & Managing Director
The Barnes Group Advisor

TBG Training

John Barnes is the Founder of The Barnes Group Advisors, the leading independent consultancy and training provider in additive manufacturing. Previously, he was Vice President of Advanced Manufacturing & Strategy at Arconic where he helped shape the R&D budget and activities across manufacturing operations and influenced future business. There he worked with Airbus to qualify the first Titanium additively manufactured parts for series production on the A350. Prior to Arconic, he was Director of the High Performance Metals Program for the CSIRO, the national science agency for Australia where he oversaw the R&D and Commercialization activities and investments in the program's two principal areas: Metal Production and Additive Manufacturing.

His aerospace background includes lengthy positions at Honeywell Engines where he supported gas turbine Advanced Technology and was Program Manager of Marine Engines programs and as Senior Manager for Manufacturing Exploration and Development at Lockheed Martin Skunk Works. At Lockheed Martin, he was responsible for developments in advanced polymers, composites, carbon nano tubes, novel titanium production and processing, additive manufacturing of both polymer and metallic systems and low observable manufacturing methods. Primarily, John has a background in materials performance and processing relationships, but has led groups to develop low emission combustors, advanced polymers and low observable technology.

John has 3 US patents, 7 International patents pending, has given numerous invited presentations is published internationally. In 2014, he was awarded Purdue University's Outstanding Materials Engineer of the Year and was given an Adjunct professorship at RMIT. In 2015, he became an Adjunct Senior Research Fellow at Monash University. In the 2017, the faculty of Carnegie Mellon University appointed him an Adjunct Professor of Materials Engineering. John holds a B.S. in Materials Science and Engineering and an M.S. in Metallurgical Engineering from Purdue University.

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Cullen Hilkene

Cullen Hilkene


Cullen Hilkene is a digital-manufacturing and internet executive with more than 12 years of experience, including management consulting for medium to mega-cap companies and leadership roles within smaller organizations. He is CEO of 3Diligent, "The Digital Manufacturing Partner to Every Business," providing customers seamless access via to on-demand rapidly manufactured parts from a network of qualified fabricators. Prior to 3Diligent, Hilkene was a manager with Deloitte Consulting, where he executed work across the strategy and operations continuum, with key focuses on organic and inorganic growth, streamlining operations, and enhancing the customer experience. Project experience spanned aerospace, automotive, life sciences, and consumer and industrial products clients.

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Alex Huckstepp

VP, Business Development
Digital Alloys


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Howard Kuhn

Retired, Adjunct Professor
University of Pittsburgh


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