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1. 3D Platform2. 3D Printer Technology/Rapid Prototyping3. 3D Systems4. 3DEO Inc5. 3Diligent Corporation6. 3rd Dimension Industrial 3D Printing7. Acme Manufacturing Company8. Additive Industries B.V.9. Adira - Metal Forming Solutions S.A.10. Admatec Additive Manufacturing Technologies11. Advanced Powders & Coatings12. AeroTech Inc13. Alcoa14. Allegheny Technologies15. Alpha Star Corporation16. Ansys, Inc.17. ANSYS, Inc.18. Arcam AB19. Arconic20. Argonne National Lab21. Atlas 3D22. Baker Aerospace Tooling & Machining, Inc23. Bastech Inc.24. BeAM Machines, Inc.25. Bodycote PLC26. Bosch Rexroth Corporation, USA Corporate Headquarters27. C & A Tool Engineering Inc28. Capture 3D, Inc.29. Carbodeon Ltd Oy30. Carl Zeiss Industrial Metrology, LLC31. Carpenter Technology32. Caterpillar Inc.33. CGTech Corporate Headquarters34. Cideas Inc.35. Cincinnati Incorporated36. Citim Gmbh37. Clemons Coding Company38. Colorado School Of Mines39. Concept Laser GMBH40. Concept Laser Inc.41. Concurrent Technologies Corporation42. Control Micro Systems Inc.43. Cybaman Technologies44. Daimler Chrysler AG45. Deckel Maho Gildemeister México SA de CV46. Delcam USA47. Desktop Metal, Inc.48. Digital Metal AB49. DME Company50. DMG Chicago Inc.51. Elementum 3D52. Envisiontec Inc53. EOS of North America, Inc.54. Epicor Software Corporation55. Erasteel, Inc.56. Ewi57. ExOne58. Fabrisonic LLC59. Faro Technologies Inc.60. Figulo Corporation61. FISHER/UNITECH62. FIT AG63. Flexbar Machine Corporation64. Fonon Technologies65. Forecast 3D66. Formlabs67. Freeman Technology68. Fronius USA LLC69. GE Additive Development Ctr70. GE Capital71. GE Healthcare72. Gefertec Gmbh73. Global Advanced Metals74. GPI Prototype & Mfg Services75. Guyson International Limited76. H C Starck Surface Technology and Ceramic Powders GMBH77. Heraeus78. Hewlett Packard79. Honeywell Federal Mfg & Tech, LLC80. HRL Laboratories, LLC81. Hybrid Manufacturing Technologies82. Imperial Machine & Tool Co.83. Inert84. Innomia a.s.85. Innovmetric Softwares Inc.86. LAI International Inc87. Laser Design, Inc.
88. Layered Manufacturing and Consulting89. LimitState Ltd90. Lincoln Electric Co.91. Linde LLC92. Linear AMS93. Linear Mold & Engineering94. LPW Technologies95. MakerBot Industries96. Manufacturing Technology, Inc.97. Markforged98. Materialise Usa, L.L.C.99. Matsuura USA100. Mazak Corp.101. McCue & Associates102. Menges Roller Company, Inc.103. Met-L-Flo Inc104. Methods Machine Tools, Inc.105. Michelin Group106. Micro-Vu Corp.107. Missouri Univeristy of Science & Tech108. MSC Software Corporation109. Multiax110. Nanomech Inc111. NanoSteel Company, Inc., The112. Netfabb Gmbh113. Nikon Metrology, Inc.114. Norsk Titanium AS115. NSL Analytical Services116. NVBOTS117. Oerlikon Metco US Inc.118. Omax Corporation119. Ophir Photonics120. Optisys121. Optomec Inc.122. Or Lasertechnology Inc123. PDR124. Perceptron Inc.125. Phoenix Analysis & Design Technologies126. Plus-Mfg, Llc127. Post Process Technologies128. Praxair Surface Technologies129. Preco Inc.130. Premium AEROTEC GmbH131. Proto Labs, Inc.132. Raise3d133. Redeye On Demand134. Renishaw, Inc.135. Rocklin Manufacturing Co.136. Rofin-Sinar, Inc.137. Rosler Metal Finishing USA, LLC138. RPM Innovations, Inc.139. Sandvik Coromant Company140. Sciaky Inc141. Sculpteo142. Senvol143. ShapeGrabber Inc.144. Siemens Industry, Inc.145. Sigma Labs Inc.146. Sintavia, LLC147. SLM Solutions NA, Inc.148. SmarTech Markets Publishing149. Sodick, Inc150. Solar Atmospheres151. Solid Concepts152. Solid Works153. Spee3d154. Stratasys, Inc.155. Stryker Corporation156. Tekna Plasma Systems Inc157. Thermwood Corporation158. Thingify, Inc.159. Thre3d160. Toolmen Corp.161. TRUMPF Inc.162. TWI163. Ultimaker164. Underwriters Laboratories Inc.165. Vac-U-Max Inc166. Vader Systems167. Valimet Inc.168. Vergason Technology Inc.169. Verisurf Software, Inc.170. We Are Group171. Wohlers Associates172. XJet Ltd.173. Xometry