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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

All-New Nesting in New Software Version

Jet CamJetCam’s flagship nesting software, JetCam Expert, boasts an entirely new interface in v18, along with several major new punching features including Automated Sheet Processing. This new release includes enhancements in the nesting section as well as CAD and CAM sections, and offers new turret-management capabilities as well improvements to several postprocessors.

The new nesting features in v18 take advantage of multi-threading CPUs, delivering highly optimized nests in a fraction of the time as compared to previous versions, according to company officials. Nesting can be configured to run over a set period of time, with some users choosing to run it overnight for maximum efficiency. Coupled with JetCam’s remote-control processing, this allows the nesting process to be completely automated, with MRP systems providing a list of parts for ordering and the software delivering efficient nests, NC code and management reports with costings and runtime estimation.

The new user interface focuses on reducing the mouse movements a user has to perform during day-to-day operations. All file management and tabular data views have been improved with new controls, and general performance enhancements have been made throughout the interface.



Full Integration with System Controller Eases File Importing for Nesting

FlashCut V5 CAD/CAM/CNC from Flashcut Cnc, Deerfield, IL, offers foreign-language support; automatic kerf-crossing detection; plasma, oxyfuel, waterjet and marker support; a shape library; barcode scanning; editable cut charts; and RS485 communication with plasma machines.

Its nesting software is fully integrated with the FlashCut controller, meaning that there is no need to transfer and import files from a CAD program to a CAM program to the CNC controller. The software provides for true shape nesting and grid nesting.

FlashCut CNC:


New Algorithms for Free-Shape-Geometry Nesting

Metamation Inc., Reno, NV, offers the latest version of MetaNest, its flagship nesting software for free-shape-geometry nesting. The software promises new algorithms that take advantage of software and hardware platforms to rapidly deliver nesting with high material utilization. The MetaNest software ties directly into the company’s MetaCam software modules for laser, punch, plasma, waterjet and combination machines.

MetaMation Inc.:


Improved Tube-Nesting Algorithm

Vero Improved Tube-Nesting Algorithm Vero Software has introduced Radan 2016, the latest release of sheetmetal software that contains major technological enhancements designed to improve its CAD/CAM, Radbend, Radm-ax and Radtube functions.

One feature is improved tube nesting. Radtube 2016, a module in Radan, uses an improved algorithm to improve nest results by mirroring, or flipping, parts as well as rotating them.

“A lot of companies now are designing a wide range of tube-based products for buildings through to furniture, and Radtube’s nesting produces material savings of 9-12 percent, which is a strong step forward in tube nesting,” explains product manager Olaf Körner.

The new version of Radan also includes a closer link between the individual modules, including a new style of program and file-type icons to provide a more unified feel.

Vero Software:


Machine-Management System Integrates Nesting

Dynamic Machine Management (DMM), from Aquila Group Inc., Sun Prairie, WI, is a manufacturing execution system that enables real-time shop-floor control and visibility for the entire order-to-shipment process, according to company officials, who note that the DMM system essentially creates a new production schedule for each machine cycle.

The DMM system can run any workcenter in a facility, with specialized screens available to control a punch-press machine, laser cutter, press brake, welding area, paint line and assembly, among others. It also includes a general production screen for any other type of workcenter.

The system includes a dynamic-nesting feature that enables the operator to generate machine code and setup instructions for a nested sheet program in seconds, based upon the latest demand requirements. The DDM system’s dynamic-nesting screens include a unique interface with various nest-engine-software packages.

Though shop-floor requirements can be entered into DMM manually, in most installations, the system works seamlessly with a manufacturer’s ERP/MRP system, reading in orders and electronically distributing the orders to the floor workcenters, thus creating paperless work orders.

Aquila Group Inc.:


Flexible Software Offers Rapid Nesting

Striker Sheet Metal CAD/CAM and nesting software from Striker Systems, White House, TN, delivers comprehensive programming of CNC punching, cutting and combination machine tools. The flexible software adapts to a user’s unique nesting and CNC programming requirements, and an array of configuration options is available, from interactive to fully automatic, according to company officials.

Individual parts and complete assemblies reportedly can be nested in seconds, and Striker’s PartShare interface provides integrated support for AutoCAD, SolidWorks, Solid Edge and Autodesk Inventor.

Striker Systems:


Software Brings Flexibility to Nesting Process

While first developed within Logopress3 die design software to nest wire-EDMed punches on wire-EDM burn blocks, Logopress3 nesting software is used by others for nesting parts on sheets for waterjet or for laser cutting as well as other applications.

Logopress3 Nesting, available through Accurate Die Design Inc., New Berlin, WI, offers the ability to set a sheet size for nesting or set only the width, provides for angular control and constraint of parts, gives the option to nest into openings, and automatically generates reports.

The software can begin the nesting process using either a multi-body part file (created with SolidWorks or imported from a different CAD system) or with individual part files in an assembly. After the user sets logical parameters that allow flexibility, the software quickly nests the parts per the user-set options. Use of the software requires no formal training.

Logopress3 Nesting may be purchased as a SolidWorks add-on and also is included in the Logopress3 Die Design software package.

Accurate Die Design Inc.:

Software Facilitates Entire Nesting Process for Metal Sheet and Plates, and Composites

TruNest, a product line from Autodesk Inc., San Francisco, CA, facilitates each step of the nesting process for metal sheet, thick plates or composite sheets. This includes translation, optimization and manufacturing of the nest on all industry-standard machine tools. TruNest is comprised of three modules depending on the type of work being performed: Contour is used for nesting and outputting to laser, plasma, waterjet and plasma/oxy cutters; Multi-Tool allows for managing complex operations with punch, punch/laser and router machine tools; and Composites provides advanced material optimization for cutting ply and performing hand layup of composite components.

All TruNest products are ODBC-compliant, and can interface with existing PDM and ERP systems to complete the manufacturing sales cycle, and generate standard or custom reports as needed.

Autodesk Inc.:


New Nesting Engine Promises More Efficient Multi-Sheet Nesting, Improved Material Yield

SigmaNest Systems, Cincinnati, OH, has debuted SigmaNest X1, which reportedly offers improved functionality for CNC punch, laser and plasma machines. This rollout includes the new Dynapack-HD nesting engine, enabling more efficient multi-sheet nesting tasks, improved best-sheet selection and improved material yield.

The new SigmaNest X1 acts as a hub from which to integrate multiple machines, optimize production schedules, reduce scrap and shorten cycle time through improved machine programming. The company also offers SigmaWeb, from its new QuoteNesting product, which allows job-shop customers using SigmaNest to obtain job quotes through a website interface.

SigmaNest Systems:

New Software Cuts Material Usage, Processing Time

Bystronic New Software Cuts Material Usage, Processing TimeFor its sheetmetal cutting and bending machines, Bystronic, Elgin, IL, has introduced Bysoft 7 software options, including ByOptimizer, a cloud-based material optimization service that reportedly provides average increased material savings of 10 percent and time savings averaging 15 percent as compared to previous versions. The key is a unique algorithm that uses high-end computing power and patented dynamic-cluster technology, according to company officials. The service can be accessed directly from the Bysoft 7 user interface and uses the existing database of parts and material requirements from each part.

Bysoft 7 also includes OPC Interface, which monitors manufacturing progress. Users can transmit this information to their own monitoring systems to assist in increasing machine utilization and efficiency. Observer, another Bysoft 7 feature, is a passive remote monitoring system that keeps the users up to date on operating status and the progress of order processing. Another feature, TeamViewer, allows users to start a remote help session with Bystronic hotline technicians. Users can share their computer screen and give mouse control directly to the hotline technician to quickly diagnose and help with any software-related questions.

Bystronic, Inc.:

Dynamic Nesting Technology Responds to Multiple Demands

Optimation, Blue Springs, MO, employs what the company terms fifth-generation nesting technology in its automated CNC dynamic-nesting program for turret punch, laser, waterjet, plasma and router equipment. Its AxiomVE nesting engine can respond to multiple demands such as schedule adherence, material efficiency, machine efficiency, order cohesion and other sometimes-conflicting requirements, according to company officials, noting that the software enables material efficiency to rise between 5 and 15 percent as compared to competing systems.

The software employs dynamic nesting, where dynamic can refer to variety and complexity of orders as well as order frequency, and also can refer to the variety and complexity of parts. Dynamic nesting manages different part sizes, shapes, materials, cutting requirements, cutting constraints, tooling and more.



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