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Upgraded Die-Development Software Boasts a "Drawbead-Reduction Strategy"

Thursday, October 1, 2015
AutoForm AutoForm Engineering Gmbh has unveiled its latest software version, AutoFormplus R6, loaded with new functionality to support users along the entire digital sheetmetal process chain. New options included in the release impact drawbead modeling, blank definition, springback compensation and hemming operations.

A major innovation with AutoFormplus R6 is the drawbead-reduction strategy used in combination with the adaptive line bead. This capability supports users with an easy-to-use and realistic model when determining and optimizing drawbeads. The reduction strategy defines the order, measures and ranges in which a drawbead shape is modified, such as bead height, bead radius or groove radius. In this model, all of the defined measures are combined and made available to the user through one single parameter. Rather than dealing with numerous measures and geometries, the user can focus on this single parameter, which allows for efficient process engineering even when analyzing complex parts.

Regarding blank definition, AutoFormplus R6 offers complex blank types and combinations of patchwork, tailor-welded and tailor-rolled blanks, which results in optimized material usage and cost performance. The software also optimizes nesting while accounting for the variation in costs of different coil widths. This allows the user to calculate the optimal blank layout on the coil based on the minimization of material costs and usage.


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