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Winter 2017 Issue

Volume 2, Number 1

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Cover Article

Airbus Adds EB Machine to Print Large Titanium Structural Parts



3D Metal Printing--What's Next?
Initially inspired and driven by the needs of the aerospace industry, the NextManufacturing Center at Carnegie Mellon University focuses on several specific challenges of 3D metal printing, including process mapping, monitoring and control, and predicting and controlling porosity.
Optimized Design Yields Complex Bracket
The part included both solid and lattice regions, and state-of-the-art software made its design buildable.
Designing for Additive Manufacturing, Part II: Consideration for Manufacturability
Follow these guidelines for designing support structures and for specifying part layout and orientation on the build plate, when exploring the design and manufacturability guidelines required to tackle build geometries.
Additive Manufacturing--Simulation Key to a True Revolution
As 3D printing permeates the manufacturing landscape, it holds great promise. But that promise only will be realized with a thorough dedication to, and understanding of, the simulation process.
AMUG Conference Set for Chicago in March
The Additive Manufacturing Users Group’s annual affair features stellar keynotes, tracks geared to markets, processes and education, and training galore, not to mention networking opportunities.
Additive and Finishing--You Name It, They Have It
With 3D metal printing leading the way, service bureau Forecast 3D employs processes galore to bring new products to life.



Centers and Microfactories--The New Paradigms
"Manufacturing Universities" Critical to the Metal-AM Cause
AM Yields New Breeds of Bikes
Insights in Metal Printing In designs and materials, bicycles have evolved, thanks to the evolution of manufacturing processes such as 3D printing.



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